Monday, March 31, 2008

#4 Flags

Latinos love flags. I remember in high school the bathrooms were bombed with "PR #1," "DR #1," or "Mexico #3" (just kidding amigos). A lot of gringos hated on it saying, "Yo, US #1 and if you don't like it go home." SAY WHAT????? Dudes would also hate on the bandannas and flags, but if they didn't lump us all together, there wouldn't be a problem now would there?

Flags get repped hard cause Latinos don't like being labeled together as one rice and beans eating group from Mexico. Solidarity is dope, but people like gettin' the home town some burn and you gotta pay attention to the distinguishing characteristics. What better way to show your colors than flags, holographic cd's, and frog stickers on your rear window? But, once one Latino does it, so does the rest of the neighborhood. Constantly finding creative placements for flag art that other people don't have is one of the greatest Latino Pastimes.

Whether you're playing soccer, handball, or just chillin on a lawn chair in Harlem drinking Coco Rico, your flag game's gotta be on point. Check out some of the recent innovations:


Anonymous said...

Do Argentinos think of themselves as Latinos? Or do Latinos want to claim them?

Tati said...

Hell yeah! Belizean flag right in the middle :p