Thursday, April 3, 2008

#7 Culos

When it comes to ass we gotta give it up to our Black sisters, ya'll hold the crown there is no doubt about that. All praises due, bow down. But when it was time to take nalgas to the mainstream a.k.a. the WP that's all us and ya’ll can’t deny it.

Before Ms. Jennifer Lopez arrived on the scene mainstream America's reaction to Bootyliscious babes was much like a Sir Mix-A-Lot video. "Oh my god Becky look at her butt." But thanks to La Lopez white women went from utter disgust to hitting up Dr. 90210 demanding the bubbliest of the bubbles.

Now ever since J.Lo shook her big 'ol booty into America's collective sex drive, women of all shades are being applauded for their backsides. Beyonce, Serena and even the white girl's poster child for booty Jessica Biel have benefited from Jenny from the Block's trailblazing butt.

Still it's something about the Latina ass that makes it just a ‘lil more special. From birth Latinas are given a steady diet of rice and beans twice a day everyday and a weekly dose of Morir Sonandos. By the time she reaches 18 she should have the perfect Latin ass and she didn't have to pay $5 gs per cheek for it. But arroz con habichuelas don’t do it alone and before Kanye West gave the world his work-out plan the hip-shaking rhythms of Salsa and Merengue is the icing on the cake giving the culo that round yet firm shape.

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ElSoloMar said...

You are right on the money on this one. You will not get any type of oppositions from me! You would be surprised of socio-antropological studies have shown about this "obsession"! But is not just about the nalgas, is actually about lower half of feminine body seen from behind. There are studies from "your major prestigious universities" that women with curvaceous bodies are more likely to have less complications when giving birth, and that their children are more likely to be healthier and smarter.