Friday, April 4, 2008

#8 Marriage

More so than any other race Latinos love getting married. It’s a tradition that starts from young, as many Latin kids get married before they even graduate from high school. And if at first we don't succeed we try, try again.

La Familia is one of the most important aspects of Latin culture. We have a gang of brothers, sisters, cousins, tios and titis. How else can we become the world's most dominate culture if not through marriage? (“My seeds rool with his seeds, marry his seeds; that’s how we keep Latino money in the family”). As a Latin male the second worst thing you could be is single (I'd tell you the first, but I don't want to offend our homosexual brothers and sisters- don't blame me blame machismo). The fact of the matter is without a wife, Latino males will reek of dirty laundry and die of starvation because we simply do not cook or wash clothes.

You still don't believe that Latinos are addicted to marriage, you need proof? Well let's use our prototypical Latin couple Jennifer Lopez and Mr. Jennifer Lopez a.k.a. Marc Anthony. J.Lo has collected more rings that Michael Jordan and the ink was barely dry on Mr. El Cantante's divorce papers before he hit city hall with La Reina de Culos. Its basic survival instinct, if you're Latino and your single than you’re dead.

Now don’t get it twisted just because we’re addicted to marriage doesn’t mean that we do it for love or anything like, because we are some of the world’s biggest cheaters as well. What does love have to do with it?


Anonymous said...

False, Completely False.

As a hispanic woman, Marriage is the least important thing in my mind. Education comes first!

Felipe said...

MORON! or like we say:

ElSoloMar said...
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ElSoloMar said...
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ElSoloMar said...

I am also sorry to inform you that you got this one completely wrong! Do you actually believe that we do not realize what you are saying "between the line?" Do you really believe that most of us do not know what is going on in this blog?! This is what you should know: it amuses us to read what "well educated 'Americans'" have to say about us and other peoples of the world. I was raised in the Latin culture, I know where you are coming from, but the most important thing is that most of us (even those of us not so "educated") know where you are going with this. We see it in the pictures, advertising, movies, education, religion, etc.

Ruthven said...

Parisian is a liar... she wants kids (to have someone to be technically smarter than, for once, and raise mini versions of her) and a man so desperately. she definitely wants marriage and being a huge shallow idiot couldnt care less about education. I'm shocked she could spell that.