Monday, April 7, 2008

#9 Goya

When it comes to brand loyalty, Latinos are blood in and blood out. To
hell with Snuggle or Downy, Suavitel is official fabric softeners-
spic approved. Feminine wash? Summer's Eve?!? No no mija use Lemisol.
And when it comes to groceries leave all that other crap on the shelf
because it's all about Goya baby.

Most supermarkets separate their aisles by product types so in aisle 1
the sign will read "Cereal, Syrup, Oatmeal, Pancake Mix." Aisle 2:
"Bread, Cookies, Crackers and Juice." Aisle 3 simple reads: "GOYA."
That fact that Goya is the only brand name with their own Aisle in
every supermarket across America is a true testament to the power of
the Latino dollar. You don't see a "Kellogg's" aisle or a "Nabisco"
aisle, that's cause gringos ain't ride or die like that.

From rice and beans to cooking oil and garlic powder, Goya has
cupboards on lock. If Goya made a soap, Latinos would lather up and
proudly walk around smelling like salchichas. And with tasty soda
flavors like Coconut, Tamarind and Cola Champagne, 50 Cent may have
been better off doing his VitaminWater deal with Goya instead of

The reason why we go so hard in the Goya aisle is simple, cause our
mothers used it. And god forbid she sent you to el "super" with a list
and you came home with that "other" can of Gandules, mijo please. Goya
O Boya!


Anonymous said...

The worst part about this blog is that it is so very low brow. There is no wit, no irony and no sarcasm. It isn't even funny when this should be hilarious for me.

Try harder.

fritzy said...


Vicente said...

how does using the word spic further your point? work on your diction.

@fritzy, your an idiot.

Anonymous said...

this is so damn stupid. its not even funny. Probably written by a Hispanic-American who doesn't even speak Spanish. A true Latino would never write this crap.

@fritzy lets watch the name calling lol. Caribbeans and the Central Americans have a lot in common. More so then the white-washed people calling themselves Hispanics in the US.

ElSoloMar said...

Amen to everything above and provably below this line.

mars martinez said...

actually this blog is written by an asian dude who clearly has admiration for latinos and expresses it in satirical fashion which i have to agree could be better (in comparison w his other blogs) but i still laughed even tho some of this relates better to puerto ricans and dominicans than mexicans the man is ny so obviously thats where he's coming from. point is dont take it so serious it is what it is.. oh and "frenzy" read a book and get your life every internet comment section needs a moron so your mom gifted the world with you.